I have been a soldier in the Army National Guard for nineteen years. More than half my life!  Over these years I have had a wide range of experiences from the initial scariness of basic training to the more recent scariness of maneuvering a small team of soldiers and millions of dollars worth of equipment through the military’s logistics system to a small camp in northern Afghanistan.  These, and many more, experiences have taught me a lot about myself and about dealing with others.

With the exception of a couple of deployments, I have served my entire career in the National Guard; doing my one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.  I have been part of the North Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia National Guard.  Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve met interesting people and made new friends.  The old timers say that when you finally get out of the guard, you miss it.  I’m getting ready to put that to the test.

The Soldier
Basic Military Stats

MOS: P-25U; S-25C
Rank/Grade: Staff Sergeant/E-6
Highest NCOES Class: BNCOC (Phase I)
Time in Service: 19 Years
Time in Grade: 11 Years
My Military History

- June 1997 - 1st Enlistment
- July 1997 - Basic Training
- June 2003 - 2nd Enlistment
- 2004 - European Deployment
- 2008 - Kuwait Deployment
June 2009 - 3rd Enlistment
June 2015 - 4th Enlistment

 Army Knowledge Online
 National Guardhttps://www.us.army.milhttp://www.nationalguard.comshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1

My Military Journey