My Academic and Professional Journey

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in science.  The science of interest has changed over the years; from biology, to physics, to psychology, and eventually to social psychology.  These transitions were primarily due to outstanding teachers in each of these fields.

My junior year of college, I joined the McNair Scholars Program at North Dakota State University with the expectation that I would be pursuing a Ph.D. in some field of psychology.  It was the two years I spent in the McNair Program that instilled in me an appreciation and excitement for the process of scientific research and the underlying mechanics; hypothesis formulation, study design, variable operationalization, data collection, data analysis, and result presentation.

In 2010, I completed a doctoral degree in social psychology at Ohio State University and accepted a job at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  You can read more about this job on my Work Life page.  

The Psychologist
Recent Presentations

Understanding Data Collection Through a Survey of Field Staff, IFD&TC (May 2016)

How Long Did That Take?: Understanding Differences Between Diary and Stylized Measures of Time Use, AAPOR (May 2016)

Comparing the Use of Stylized Behavior Questions with Diary Measures of Sleep From the American Time Use Survey, IATUR (July 2016)
My Academic Career

Ph.D., Ohio State University (June 2010)
    * Richard Petty, Ph.D. 
M.A., Ohio State University (August 2006)
    * Richard Petty, Ph.D. 
B.S., North Dakota State University (June 2003)
    * Raymond Miltenberger, Ph.D.
  My Resume