When I first stood up brandonkopp.com nine years ago, I was just proud of my ability to get something published. Over the last nine years, I clung to that original iWeb site as technology moved on. Apple stopped supporting iWeb years ago, but I’ve still been cranking away at occasional updates.

It’s time for a new start. So over the next few weeks I will be rolling out my site in WordPress. I have some experience with WordPress and my phototourismDC site. I’m hoping that makes the changeover smooth. I’ll say that, so far, I am frustrated with the difficulty of customizing the look, but I’m sure I’ll learn tricks over time.

The new site will have a lot of the same content as the old site (national park travel blog, photography tutorials, a resume of sorts for me), but there will be more of it now that adding posts will be so much easier.  There will also be some new content. I have plans for a data science blog/tutorial series.

While I get this up and running, you can check out my old site here: https://brandonkopp.com/Welcome.html .

Thank you for visiting.

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