Gather Gov API Aggregator

Problem: Interested in knowing what was going on across the US government in relation to data science. Solution: Wrote a program to query APIs related to hiring, spending, laws, regulations, and code repositories Results: For

Google Public Data Explorer

Problem: National Parks are not fun when they’re packed with people Solution: Collect and display monthly visitor statistics so that it’s possible to spot the ideal months to visit national parks. Results: Compiled monthly visitor

American Community Survey Data Explorer

Problem: Wanted to learn about building mapping applications in R Shiny and also how to use the Census Bureau’s API Solution: Built an app that allowed me to develop these skills Results: Have demonstrated this

Rock, Paper, Scissors in R Shiny

Problem: Needed a simple, fun app to demonstrate the capabilities of R Shiny as well as the concept of machine prediction for a Technology and Innovation Fair Solution: Built a simple R Shiny app that

Work Hours and Activity Tracker

Problem: I need to report work that I’ve done to managers and the program office staff that I support. I also need to manage a large portfolio of active projects. Solution: Built a database that

OSMR Participant Recruitment Database

Problem: We recruit hundreds of people each year to participate in qualitative research studies, but the whole system was maintained using spreadsheets. Solution: Built a database that improved the productivity of our recruiter and the

Montgomery County Crime Explorer

Problem: Montgomery County, MD has an open data portal with large amounts of data locked away in tables which makes interpretation difficult. Solution: Build a web application using R Shiny that allows users to explore

Summary of Benefits and Coverage Autocoding

Problem: Data collectors for a survey about worker benefits receive PDF versions of standardized health insurance benefit pamphlets from employers and have to copy the information to an electronic instrument manually. Solution: Use machine learning