Proportion with German Heritage by County
Problem: Wanted to learn about building mapping applications in R Shiny and also how to use the Census Bureau’s API
Solution: Built an app that allowed me to develop these skills
  • Have demonstrated this application in presentations related to Leaflet maps
  • Used the skills learned here to create other geographic data visualizations and applications
Status: Live app available on
Skills Used: Shiny; geospatial data, GIS; api; leaflet maps
Languages Used: R

When I started to learn R and learned about R Shiny, I sought out projects that allowed me to practice those skills. This project had no other purpose than to force me to learn R Shiny, Leaflet maps, and how to build live access to an API through Shiny. In particular, I was interested in all of the great information the Census Bureau provides through their American Community Survey API.

You can use the app yourself by clicking on the link in the table above. Below are some example screenshots.

Commute Time by County


Median Rent by County (Washington, DC Area)


Median Age by Congressional District

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