I have been a soldier in the Army National Guard for twenty years.  More than half my life!  Over these years, I have had a wide range of experiences from the initial scariness of basic training to the apprehension of maneuvering a small team of soldiers and millions of dollars worth of equipment through the military’s logistics system to a small camp in northern Afghanistan.  These, and many more, experiences have taught me a lot about myself and about dealing with others.

With the exception of three deployments, I have served my entire career in M-DAY status in the National Guard; doing my one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.  I have been part of the North Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia National Guard.  Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve met fantastic people and have been challenged.  The old timers say that when you finally get out of the guard, you miss it.  In the next couple months, I’ll be putting that to the test.