Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

The Early Years

In 2004, I was deployed to Europe as part of a National Guard mission. At first I was reluctant to go and have to put my Graduate School career on hold, but once I got there I embraced it.  I took short, 3-4 day, trips to Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brugge, and a number of smaller places.  Everywhere I went, I brought along my Canon Powershot A70. I took thousands of pictures but only walked away with a handful of decent photos. Despite my ham-handed efforts to take photos, my love of photography was born during those 9 months.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France           Schinnen Forest

When I got back from the deployment I wanted to get deeper into photography but wasn’t ready to take the leap into SLRs so I bought a Sony DSC-F828. I spent the next 5 years taking that on short trips to places like California and the Virgin Islands and to places closer to home in Ohio.  I read books and internet posts on composition and the technical aspects of photography but never really practiced any of those things. I just snapped away.

           Virgin Islands

The First Evolution: Washington, DC

When I returned from a second deployment in 2008, I finally invested in my photography hobby and bought my first SLR; a Nikon D300. I basically carried on the same way with that camera, accumulating more gear (lenses, filters, tripods) but never really spending the time.  Then, in 2010, I moved to Washington, DC to start a new job and that is where things took off. For my year and a half, I didn’t take any real vacation from my job but I spent every weekend out and about around Washington capturing sunsets, Fall color, cherry blossoms, anything I could.  I even started to blog about DC photography opportunities.

The Next Evolution: Landscape Photography

I had some mixed results over those couple years, but I learned a lot and had the chance to go back and photograph places a second time and fix what I didn’t like the first time around. Then, in 2013, another evolution; I began taking a series of trips to National Parks. Ever since I got my Sony camera, I had fancied myself a landscape photographer. I subscribed to Outdoor Photographer and Backpacker magazines and daydreamed about taking those types of photos. So I looked to nature for my inspiration and found it.

The Great Head Trail, Acadia National Park     

Now, over a decade and a half after those mediocre European photos, I am constantly seeking out new opportunities for photos. I take these photos mainly for me. I love to share them and get people’s reactions, but I do it in search of peace and beauty.  I have a broad presence on social media, but i do the majority of my sharing on Flickr. Yes, Flickr. I have been there for years and I have always gotten the most engagement there.  I am a big fan of sharing what I learn in as much detail as I can. I do my best to maintain blogs on National Parks, Washington, DC, and general photography techniques.

About Prints and Licensing

I have tried selling prints, but found that I wasn’t great about marketing myself. I have sold several photos that have made it into books, a book cover, even literal wallpaper.  Feel free to contact me if you see anything you like on this site or any of my social media sites.  Also, ask your questions. Either in the comment sections on this site, or through the contact form. If there’s anything I can share about my experience, that I haven’t already written down, I certainly will.



I am constantly seeking inspiration and follow amazing photographers like Thomas Heaton and Brendan van Son for landscapes and Andy Feliciotti and Angela Pan for Washington, DC cityscapes. Any other recommendations?